Monday, February 9, 2009

How much we have...

I always struggle with the idea that some people are more fortunate than others and that some people are raised in homes that encourage goodness and others just have everything stacked against them. I thought a lot about how fair God can be when we see how different one person's life is from another.
Part of what I figured is that we are all judged on what we do, but it's based on our circumstances. Someone who has been raised in an Islamic environment with caring parents and a good education, etc. who ends up sleeping around, never prays, doesn't even fast (eats in private because EVERYONE else is fasting) etc. will be punished much more harshly than someone who was raised Muslim in a Western environment and has had sex before marriage with someone they were in a serious relationship with, does not pray (it would be very difficult to with all the classes, etc) and doesn't fast (again, would be difficult to) and has no Muslim friends or family apart from the parents. This person has done the same things (sex before marriage, no praying, no fasting), but based on the circumstances, it seems obvious that it's not as bad as what the other person has done.
Another example is someone who has been born Muslim vs. someone who does not know of the existance of Islam. Person 1 has direct guidance while person 2 has to rely on inner feeling of God. If they both end up having the exact same (good) life, person 2 would probably have a bigger reward.
All this is good and rested many of my questions, but I was still bothered by how different we all have it... Why do some people just not have the same chance as another in life?

After 2 days without voice, I started to realize how much we ALL have. I was focusing on the differences that seemed immense, but when I think about it, most humans all have legs to walk on, arms to pick things up, eyesight, hearing, voice, taste, a similar intellect, etc... We are all given SO MUCH that the things that some people are given and others not like money seem much less relevant.

It really made me feel thankful.

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