Monday, February 16, 2009

Got a haircut!

I almost wanna post a picture, but I won't... In case I become Muslim and start wearing hijab, I wouldn't really want it on the net.

I went to a no-appointment place in the mall and the woman tells me it's 22$ for a haircut, and asks if I want it styled too. I make sure she's not going to send me out with wet hair and I opt not to have it styled. I never even knew it was an "option" really. It always came with any haircut I got. While she's washing my hair, I think about how I don't get it done often so I tell her to style it, which is basically to put moose and silking stuff and straighten it.

When I pass at the cash, she tells me it's 37$!! How much can a person charge for the 5 minutes (max) of time and tiny amount of product?! I can hardly imagine 15$ for someone with long hair getting it done fancy for an occaision with all sorts of sprays, curls, heaters, etc. But for my already super-straight and healthy-looking hair. I needed almost nothing. I thought places adjusted the price according to how difficult it was. Like inch-long hair would be less, super-long hair more. Super difficult styles would be more, etc etc. Anyway, I am getting over it now, but I still find it way too expensive.

At least my hair is cut and looks pretty good. :)

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My life my story said...

is your husband a muslim??

Candice said...

Yes, he is.

Jamilah said...

How does your husband support you in your quest for knowledge about Islam? Is he supportive? How does he feel about other men being able to see your hair or figure? Just curious... no rudeness intended

Candice said...

He supports me, yes, and really wants me to become Muslim. He doesn't especially want to be involved in my quest though, I think. We have talked about religion and everything, but he's not one to really go out and find things for me to read or bring religion up in a discussion by himself and I never get the feeling he really wants to be talking about it with me.
About my hair, he doesn't mind at all that people see it. And about my figure, he does/would mind, but I wear pretty modest clothes. And he is less concerned about it here in Canada since I am quite a bit more modest than the average Quebecker and therefore I don't get looked at by men like in Egypt. He wanted me to be more careful there and I fully understand that now!
Note about my clothes: They are pretty modest, but I would have to replace a bunch of it if I became Muslim and decided to wear hijab.

Anonymous said...

ASA Candice,
Congrats on the new hair!!! As for the price. Sounds ok to me cause every thing here in the US is expensive!!!! I have never paid under $40 for a hair cut!!! My favorite thing is when I am in Morocco...It's like $3 to $5 to get your hair blown out...I'm there like every two days....LOL

Now as for your quest to Islam, sounds like your husband wants this to be totally your decision. Which I think is good because then you would have accepted Islam for your own soul....Just stick with these lovely sisters in blog world and you will gain a lot of knowledge. Also one book that I really liked was "The Complete Idiots Guide To Understanding Islam" the author is Yeyeh Emmerick.

Candice said...

I usually get my hair done by my cousin. She's a hairdresser but charges like 10$ for a cut done at her home so I guess I'm used to not paying for haircuts! I've been getting it done by her since I was like 12 and before that it was my mom! The last professional place I went to though was a hip place (better than this last one) and it's 31$ for everything.
You know, I was in Egypt for 7 months and I never cut my hair the whole time! Men's barber shops were everywhere but I never noticed any women's salons... And I guess my husband knows nothing about that and wasn't too worried about my hair looking good so he never mentionned anything either. lol.

Anisah said...

Salam alykom again... my answer to you blog, Walmart lol

Anisah said...
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Anisah said...

oh.. Candice.. you know.. maybe I can help you in your quest in Islam? I would be honoured.
send me a message and I will contact you, God-willing.

Candice said...

Thanks Anisah. I am not sure exactly what I'm looking for so even if I want all the help I can get, I have no idea what to ask. Anyway, I am taking a weekly break from thinking about religion actively so I'm letting it just "happen". Until Friday, when I hopefully start back up on Islam-related topics.

Aalya said...

Haircuts are expensive...Usually around the price you had...but it`s a nice treat from time to time! Glad that it turned out well!!

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