Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The procedure went well. They were not especially difficult to get out, even if one of them had not come out of the gum. I got the two wisom teeth from the left side taken out. It cost 371$ CAD just for less than an hour of work! Honestly, I wasn't surprised, but it's expensive, isn't it?I had braced myself for expensive so I was not shocked but still. I'm getting the same thing done in a month for the other side so that's about 750$ just for removing a couple teeth.

I feel pretty good, it's not too sore or anything, I just feel a pulse there... that kind of weird soreness. I'm speaking fine today so there would have been no reason to take the day off work. I would have loved to sleep in though and do things around the house in late morning and afternoon, but meh!

2 Comentários:

Cecilia said...

well, that is good. I mean that it does not hurt :)

Aalya said...

Glad to hear that you are ok...and that it went well!

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