Thursday, February 12, 2009


I am feeling down lately. It seems to be one thing after another. Nothing too serious really, just personal problems at home mostly. Every time something like that happens, I let go of God. Things had gone very well for a month, but then something happened and I stopped praying. Now something happened and I am considering not blogging for some time and dropping my learning about Islam. I try to want to, but I just don't right now.

I wish I could just get my life on a happy track, you know? I am working on it though. I will try to get myself motivated again about Islam though, and really figure it out once and for all. Other than that, I have lots of positive feelings in my life, and about my life. The Islam thing is just a struggle, along with obviously the struggles that are bringing me down about it, but I'm not much affected in other aspects of my life, luckily. I have a very good ability of putting things aside to feel and act totally unaffected. It just comes out in certain situations.

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My life my story said...

It can be hard to change everything you have been tought about life. To change a religion is not easy even if you know that the religion of your choice is the right path for you... I would say, take your time, you have your hole life to make the choice!

also, I like your blog :)

Candice said...

Thank you for the support. :)

Aalya said...

I agree you have to take time... I took a 'break' from learning about it too... it got to much at one point and I just said forget it but somehow things were always pushing me back to it!

Feel free to email me if you want to just 'talk' about anything.

Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you're struggling at the moment. Like the others have said, maybe you just need to take it slow for a bit. Learning and thinking a lot in a short amount of time can be overwhelming, we need time to "digest" it all! It sounds like you might be putting pressure on yourself to "figure it all out"... maybe your heart needs to catch up with your head...

Why do you think it is that you "run from God" when there are difficulties? Is it that you are less sure about Islam in those times because you see the difficulties as being related to Islam? Or do you feel that you can't approach God when you're not doing very well? It might be worth having a think about that, rather than taking in more information, for now. Just a thought.

Candice said...

Good question, Sarah. I'm not sure it's quite either option you gave... I don't think my personal difficulties are related to Islam, at least not the real pure Islam (which is practically non-existant), but they somehow give me a bad feeling about the religion. Hard to explain in few words what I mean. But I think I can approach God when I feel down, and I have (tried) before, but the type of down is Islam-related in some ways and it makes me not want to even consider God as an option to turn toward.
I think you're right that this would be a good thing to figure out. Not sure if there's a solution, but it can only help to know the problem.

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