Thursday, February 19, 2009


I love abayas. I think they are modest and lovely and feminine, as well as being comfortable. I probably wouldn't wear *only* abayas, but I'd love to own one at least. I'd like an abaya that is versatile so it needs to be relatively simple. I like colour but it's not necessary and nothing too bright because it's a large garment and it would be too much. I'd want to be able to wear it in a way that doesn't scream "Muslim". I don't mean that in a bad way at all. I just mean that considering I am not Muslim, and that even if I was, I come from a family that is not Muslim and I don't want to shock them or make them feel uncomfortable. I just want to be modest, lovely, feminine and comfortable! :)
Are there any that you would suggest? Up there are some I like. I am simply unable to put pictures anywhere but at the head of a post. I'd love help putting pictures in the middle of a post!
Note about the abaya I am looking for that I am pretty tall (5'9") and thin and so I want something long enough for me, and not wide because I don't want it to be baggy, I just want it to flow down. Thanks for any help!

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Cecilia said...

I think they are beautiful!
if you like muslim dresses you can look at
but I don´t think they have abyas though..
good luck with your search

Sarah said...

I like them too. I considered getting one in Algeria, but they were way expensive there, plus I'm not sure I have the guts to make myself look that "different". I feel like people would think it was weird to wear one and not be Muslim. But who cares what they think - go for it!

I can't offer you any suggestions as I haven't bought one, but I can help you with photo placement. Blogger always puts the photo at the top. One way to move it is: click on it, and then cut it (Ctrl-x) and paste it where you want it within the text (Ctrl-v). You should be able to highlight bits of text and photos and drag them around too.

Candice said...

Cecelia: I really like Shukr's clothing, they have a good selection for stylish and modest clothes. I'd like to order from there someday!
Sarah: Thanks for the tip, I will try the cut and paste thing.

Cecilia said...

I have bought some skirts from shukr and I think that they have good shipping too. it only takes about five days from the day you place your order!

Anisah said...

I have some !! I ordered them from
I cant really wear abaya to work..although I wish I could... so comfy!!I waer around house a lot.
but for everyday stuff.its Shukronline for me !!
maybe we can share on an order one time..less shipping..

I wanna make on suggestion though.. the hoods...its cumbersome when you wear hijab..unless its an al amira kind...
I have some other sites I get from as well...buying online seems only thing I can do for me..
ciao fer now !!

Candice said...

The third one (hoodless) is my fave. I'm attracted to desert store because they have the exact lengths so I'm not left wondering. And they can make my length with any models. On lots of other sites, they come in small, medium large, and all of them are the same length! But I see that Islamic Boutique has the height there. I should check their collection more closely.
I think I deserve an abaya!

Adventurous Ammena said...

if you are worried abotu sizes and stuff it might be better to get one made for you. I bought one a few weeks ago, I thought it was the right size but its actually too short in the arms :( could be a little longer too.. so guess Ill be looking at longer ones in the future and getting them pulled in if necessary.
I havent read your whole blog.. but Im curious, you arent muslim? how did you come across all these clothing sites and bits? please dont take offence, I dont mean it.. Ive been told me girl anisah lives close by to you too lol

Candice said...

I follow a bunch of blogs. Probably lots of the same ones you do, and there's a lot of fashion stuff in there!

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