Friday, January 23, 2009

Trying to find out if I'm Muslim

People in my family have suspected that I converted to Islam ever since I went to Egypt. I don't know if it was because I extended my stay or if they started thinking that when they found out I had secretly gotten married there... Ok, now that I write it out, I can understand why they'd think that. But I have been back from these months in Egypt for 2 years, and they see I'm exactly the same. Slightly more modest in dress since I no longer wear tank tops and 3\4 pants (never wore shorts), but it's the same *me*.

My uncle has tried to find out by feeding me pork. I refused. I simply don't like pork and didn't even as a kid. I only like bacon but I don't normally eat it, out of respect for my husband who does not want me to. Anyway, I went to visit my uncle for a weekend after I came back and before I had my daughter and when we went to the grocery store to figure out what to eat, I suggested chicken, salmon, steak, etc. He just suggested porky things and ended up making pork paw soup or something. Seriously looked just nasty. More than regular pork! It was a ridiculous amount of insisting that I try and that I eat pork. I really feel like he was trying to get an idea of whether or not I was Muslim. I wasn't and I'm still not (in the "traditional way": see other post to understand the ways in which I do view myself as Muslim). I need to add that although he made his soup, he did make us non-pork as the main meal. He's not that nuts. :p

Also, there was a picture taken of me in hijab at my husband's cousin's wedding and my gosh, it became a big deal. That they were forcing me, that they shouldn't have. As though I actually didn't make the choice! My husband just suggested I wear it because it was at a mosque, and I was fully up for the idea, wanting to respect the setting and occaision. And not wanting to stand out as the only one, too. I explained all that and even added that I wore it a few times apart from that to go out around the neigbourhood.

And more lately, with my MSN sub-nickname about Palestine and a Bismillah Ar-ra7man Ar-ra7him calligraphy display picture (see picture below), my brother has been asking if I'm "Islamic". Hehe.

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