Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reading Qur'an with my husband

I had a lovely time with my husband last night reading (or trying to read) the Qur'an. He was fixing someone's computer but I had the Qur'an and was basically trying to vocalize what I read (since I don't speak Arabic). He would help me out if I was having problems because it was tiny Arabic writing in the top corner of an English translation of the Qur'an and some of the thingamajigs (on top and under the letters) were not clear enough. After I had gotten through reading it, I would repeat the correct pronunciation after him and then read the English translation to understand. We went over some of the words and expressions so I could not only know what it meant, but understand words as I read them.

Honestly we didn't get far at all, we just did Surat Al-Ikhlas and I started the next (Surat Al-Falaq), but we had a nice conversation about the meanings, about Islam, God and Arabic. I hope I can do this with him more often because it was a positive experience spiritually, and for our relationship as well. :) And I like that I learn some Arabic words and get more "fluent" in reading Arabic letters. That's the reason for me reading it alone first because it doesn't have much use to understand or learn how to pronounce correctly. But it's worth it to get more fluent in reading.

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