Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think I will start to put pictures in my blog posts. Just to spice things up, make it seem slightly more professional. If there's anything I need to know about copyrights, please tell me. Most of the pictures will probably be found online, but I will save it and upload it... Is it possible to just use it from its original source so that if someone clicks on it, it links back to the proper place?

No one reads this so I will not get advice... But if ever I become a better and more well-known blogger, people will know I had the right intentions. Hehe.

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khany said...

copyrighted material can be published if you can satisfy the conditions of "fair use". fair use is determined using a four point test which is listed are listed on wiki.

in terms of photographs i will recommend the following.
1) don't use them to make a profit (no worries here)
2) if the picture is a small part of a larger work its better
3) i have noticed some bloggers upload lower resolution and/or cropped/thumbnail versions of pictures.
4) also some bloggers add a permanent footer to their blog roughly to the effect "About the images which might contain copyright, if you find such case pls contact me with a removal request"

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