Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learning Arabic

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was reading Qur'an with my husband the other day. Now I decided I want to actually start putting effort into learning Arabic. My husband got Rosetta Stone to learn his French and has really been enjoying it and he is getting me the Arabic Rosetta Stone. I also found a website that seems quite useful. My husband is saying they're teaching it weird. Like... too proper, I guess. For example, when saying "This is a pen." they say, "hatha qualamun", the 'un' part being the 'a'. But that regular people will just say "hatha qualam".

Rosetta stone is probably better, but this one I can look at at work although I'm not really supposed to be doing any online stuff. I kinda check blogs, write on here and check other random things as the phone rings from my calls so it doesn't distract me that much. I don't want it to affect my work. I'm not at a type of job where I just wanna get the hours worked and get outta there. They are so nice with us and we actually do want to do a good job. So as I said, I don't let it affect my work. :p

So I will try that and hopefully I stick to it. I don't have much free time but my husband has started helping a bit more with our daughter, letting me have extra time for myself. I just recently started finding time to go online at home, like I'm doing now. :D So great!

I have to go save my husband's boots. He's trying to put them in the washing machine!

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Anonymous said...

Ask your husband to teach you A'ameya- the Egyptian dialect. Its one of the two most understood dialects of modern Arabic (the other being Lebanese Arabic.)

What you're learning is referred to as "foos'ha" or formal Arabic. What you learn should be dependent on what you want to learn it for: to chat with your hubby and his family or to learn Quran.

I will be taking classes soon, but for me I'm planning to learn the A'ameya as I am learning Arabic to help me get around Egypt and to chat with my husband. Its too hard to apply foos'ha to daily chatting; example:

as you said

"hatha qualam" in foos'ha is "da 'alam" (or "di 'alam" I can't remember if pen is fem or masc)in Egyptian Arabic.

But then again it totally depends on what you're learning Arabic for. :DI'm glad I found your blog.


Candice said...

Thanks! I think you're right about learning the Egyptian dialect. My reason for learning is related mostly to my husband. I'd like to communicate with his family and I'd like to learn it since our daughter will speak it. And I hope to go live in Egypt for some time (someday, and the way I calculate it, it's in no less than 7 years :P)
What will your method be for learning? Real life courses, books, websites?

أم ترافيس said...

I think courses are the best way -- at least in my experience. But then the courses will likely be in fussha.

As for your example above, the "un" at the end is used when continuing a sentence. But if you are JUST saying this is a pen, say it without the "un"... even in fussha ;)

For online (free I think) courses you can see what I have posted here:

of course I was never disciplined enough to do it ;) and again, it is is fussha ;)

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