Friday, January 30, 2009

Coolest Blogs

I saw this on other blogs and wanted to show a few people that I enjoy their blogs. I will make my Top 5, in no particular order, even though I follow and enjoy many more blogs than that. :)

Cairo/Giza Daily Photos by Maryanne Stroud Gabbani - I love her pictures of Egypt and the information and thoughts about each.

Tea Break Thoughts by Umm Travis - Writes often and about a variety of topics. Very interesting to read what she's been up to and how things are going for her in Egypt.

Inquisitive Muslimah by Aalya - A fellow Canadian. This is the only blog I have ever gone back so far in the blog to read all the entries.

Chasing Jannah by Aalia - Always having interesting things to say. Makes people want to be better.

The Expat Confessions of a Multicultural Muslimah by Molly - Also in Egypt, telling about struggles and successes. She seems very sweet.

So here's to you all, from me (above design by Umm Travis).

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أم ترافيس said...

Woooooooooooow sis! Jazackallah khair! Awwwww Im soooooo touched... ma sha Allah (biiiig hugs)

أم ترافيس said...

Awwww sis, I as reading through your blog, subhanAllah, I didnt even realize your situation before. I think I checked your profile and the blog was closed or something.. have you taken your shahada yet? Please, if I can be of any help, email me, and I will do my best ;) I am happy to share this journey with you.

I also have a website, here is some resources I can go through them with you if you like:

And my email, of course I think you know it is ummtravis at live dot com

May Allah make your journey to truth easy, ameen.

Candice said...

Thank you so much. Funny, just as I was getting discouraged about this blog, someone informed me that my profile was set to private. The blog was not, but the profile was, it seemed.

About the shahada, I actually haven't taken it. I'm still figuring things out. Posting about all my new thoughts and feelings. Actually, I've had lots of thoughts and feelings since my last post, but man, life is busy-busy!

I will most definitely check out your link.

Aalya said...

Thank you so much for putting me in your top 5 (blush) I'm so overwhelmed by so many recognizing me!! It really is nice to share things with others who are in the same place! I can't believe you went through all the posts (blush) wow! Thanks again. - Another blog I did up with info on how to pray and other things the new revert needs to know (just in case you need it one day ;)

Candice said...

Thank you. I'll check it out for sure!

Molly said...

awww I got a shout out! Thank you honeybunch.

did you add me on msn?

Candice said...

No, I don't really go on MSN. :p And I don't have your addy.

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