Saturday, January 17, 2009


Now this is what cofession SHOULDN'T be. Confessing your sins to some human that is supposed to then speak on behalf of God to forgive you.

But I truly do believe in confession as a way to better yourself. We should ask forgiveness for our sins, in Islam as much as Christianity, so there is a component of confession already. But I really think that the concept of regular confession is a good one. If you're trying actively to remember what you did wrong to confess and ask for forgiveness, it can only be beneficial. It's important to be consciously aware of things that we do wrong and I think that we always forget things if we don't make an effort to remember. Regular confession between a person and God is a great thing to add to your life. I have lately been doing it at night before bedtime. I've been doing it during salat, actually, which I've been performing daily lately. It's a nice time for me.

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khany said...

in the islamic tradition the practice of taking self-inventory is called "al mahasabah". a short essay can be found here

Candice said...

Thanks for that. :)

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