Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Again: Dance.

This will be short.

During my whole dance thoughts, I came to a semi-conclusion that people had different paths that could please God. That they could all be "submitters" even if they didn't follow the Qur'an; even if they didn't have any intention to follow God at all. I still think that's true. But the other part of the semi-conclusion was that Islam was not necessarily right for everyone. I think it's possible that it IS right for everyone. I simply don't think that Islam as it's seen or practiced (by practicing Muslims) is right for everyone. I think that God's will is a bit "looser" than what Islam makes it seem like today. The Qur'an could have easily written out hundreds of pages of very clear rules about life, but although it does have some very clear rules in there (which should be followed), that's not even what most of it is about, and a lot of it leaves room for interpretation. I can only come to the conclusion that it was done on purpose. Because there ARE different paths. Or because there is a test for us... To see if we are able to follow the best interpretation despite being led in another direction by other humans.

I will leave it at that for now.

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Sarah said...

A lot of what you have written in these dance posts are thoughts I've had too. I like your idea that there is a test for us. I think people are always tempted to make God's will tight and rigid, and in a way I think that is not only insecurity, but arrogance - like we can seriously understand God! I also agree common-sense right and wrong is important. I don't know how anyone judges the truth of a religion in the first place, except by comparing its values to their own preexisting ones. Which begs the question why we need religion. But I also think religion has a lot to teach us; I'm inclined to think it inspires our morality, but that there is little value in blind, uncritical obedience to religious rules that we can't even be totally sure are authentic.

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