Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Randomness... There's so much information out there

If Islam is the truth, then EVERYTHING in it is truth. I feel the need to accept everything in it as a complete package, so to speak. Not pick and choose what suits me. If I did that, I might as well just make myself a custom religion and go with it. But even if I don't believe in picking and choosing as I like, I do believe in interpretation. I don't think that I need to accept what most people believe just for the mere fact that it's what "most people" believe. I believe in the concept of ijtihad (click here for definition/explanation). Not only for scholars, but for everyone. I think that people are able enough to make their own interpretations with the resources they have today.

Information is so readily available because of the Internet and books are better researched because of it too. There's a lot of crap out there, so people do need to be careful, but because of how education is changing with the arrival of the Internet and the problems it creates, young people are better equipped to deal with and discard the crap that can be found online. I see the Internet as a great tool. It becomes so easy to research different views on one topic and compare them to understand a topic in a well-rounded way. And that's how you can then make an informed decision. It's so true that most people could not just sit with the Qur'an and the Ahadith and make Islamic rulings. That really *is* too difficult for most people and it really does take someone with vaste knowledge to be able to take different parts of a huge database to make a ruling. I figure that's why ijtihad was reserved for scholars. But we've all gained independance from the wonderful tool we call the Internet and although we still need guidance from people with more knowledge, like we always did, we can now do a better job of thinking for ourselves and questioning things before accepting them, as the Qur'an itself teaches.

The first person to open my eyes to this Islamic concept was Irshad Manji, who I'm sure I will speak about and reference to in future blog entries. She is very dedicated to human rights, and to modernizing Islam. I may not agree with everything she says, but I respect her a lot for what she does. You can go to her website here. She is active on myspace and youtube as well, so you can look her up.

I think this will be it for this entry, but I do have topics in mind for future entries. I hope to learn to write a more complete entry with time, but I do this at work while the phone rings and I'm waiting for an answer so my ideas are broken up a lot. Future entry topics will include:
- Sunni Islam vs. Qur'an Only Islam (Qur'an Only Islam will take more than one entry to cover)
- different perspectives in learning about Islam
- Being a Submitter. Who is a Submitter?

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