Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New direction for the blog...

I'm totally new to this and at first I thought I could write a bunch of really intersting posts showing both sides of what I found were very interesting topics in Islam. Both sides of things that most Muslims don't question. Just because these are questions I asked myself and read up about in trying to learn.

And I still plan on doing that...

But if that's all my blog is, I will have entries like every month! Or else it will be poorly written and thought out like it has been so far. I have too much on my mind and too much going on in my life in many ways to be able to think things out clearly and do the research necessary for a truly decent essay. So I will keep this blog a bit more "random", but on purpose this time.

I will write about whatever I am going through spiritually, questions I wondered about that day, conversations I had with people about spiritual issues, articles I may have read and thought about... And when I'm ready to post something decent or semi-decent, then I will definitely do it. I don't want to let that idea go because it helps me think clearer and really analyse things, and hopefully at least one person will read my blog someday and if they can spend a second thinking with me and commenting about what they believe; sharing their thoughts, I'll be really glad!


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